What Are We Up To?

COVID-19 made us see that Work-From-Remote can work just fine. What’s more, those who will take this opportunity to make remote employment a common practice in their business, can benefit greatly. Key advantages of large-scale Work-From-Remote are:
- Saving on office leasing costs
- Saving on office maintenance costs
- Saving on commute expenses
- Wasting less time commuting
- Wasting less fuel
- Emitting less greenhouse gasses

At Open Roads Online, we are committed to seizing the unique opportunity presented by the pandemic. We believe in making a difference to everyone - by shifting to a large scale work-from-remote employment style.



Gal Sne


A High Tech industry veteran, Gal has noticed that companies get their workforce on-premises even when it's unnecessary. He is aware of the challenges presented when leaving the comfort zone of the office, having faced them himself. Yet, the new world is no longer limited by what we think as possible judging only by the past. In fact, Open Roads Online believes that Work-From-Remote companies will thrive, while those slipping back to pre-pandemic work habits will have a major disadvantage when it comes to the bottom line.


Still Stealth


Still Stealth


Sachin More


Sachin More is an enterprise storage industry veteran. Sachin became interested in remote collaboration a few years ago when he started working across the Atlantic. Over the years, working with different collaboration tools, he became aware of the challenges and opportunities. While the storage industry remains his primary career focus, he is an equally enthusiastic proponent of remote collaboration.